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Practice Focus

While we are a full service civil litigation law firm, our practice is focused in the area of real estate.

Today's real estate industry dictates a need for a dedicatation to this practice area.  An essential component to any real estate practice is the representation of owners and operators of multi-family dwellings and commercial developments and their property management companies.

Our representation includes the law of landlord and tenant relations, the related areas of Federal and State Fair Housing Laws and local code compliance.

In a real estate environment that can be described as ever-changing and often turbulent, informed legal counsel is more essential than ever. We are well known and active in the local real estate market. Over the years, our clients have come to rely on us to assist in all aspects of a real estate transaction, including acquisitions, sales, financing, exchanges, lease negotiations, lender work-outs and project planning. We assist our clients' professional staff in due diligence investigations preceding the acquisition, financing, development and investment of properties. We also provide general land use development counseling, and due diligence investigations relative to acquisition and exchange.  Decades of involvement representing parties in complex real estate matters -- including buying, selling, developing, leasing and financing all types of commercial, industrial and residential/multi-family properties -- have prepared us to guide our clients through any real estate matter, routine or complex.

General Litigation - In today’s legal environment, our clients require the resources of a highly respected full service litigation department to complement all of their general legal needs.  We handle a full range of litigation, focusing on complex civil litigation in the federal and state courts and before administrative agencies at both the trial and appellate levels.  We are known for our expertise in employment law, commercial, corporate and business litigation, banking and lender liability litigation, real estate, communications, civil rights and discrimination litigation, land use, estates, trusts, and wills, transportation, insurance, securities, leasing and brokerage litigation, construction, professional corporation and partnership dissolution, consumer fraud, intellectual property, preemptive litigation counseling and mediation and arbitration.  We litigate locally and nationally with major firms and organizations and our attorneys are well known and respected in the legal and business communities.

  • Technology

    We have made the necessary commitment of resources to get advanced and quality results for our clients.  Our IT specialists have implemented the latest and greatest computer hardware, security standards, database management, specialized reports, on-line research tools and more.  We participate in the newest on-line court filing programs in order to facilitate prompt and accurate court filings.

  • Seminars

    Our attorneys and staff regularly conduct training seminars in landlord and tenant relations, fair housing, commercial relations and other relevant matters to assist the client in ensuring that the property management staff continued to stay abreast of new developments in the law.

    Fair Housing Seminar Topics Include:

    • Summary of the Fair Housing Act
    • Summary of 1988 Amendments
    • State and Local Fair Housing Laws
    • What is a “Reasonable Modification”?
    • What is a “Reasonable Accommodation”?
    • Examples of Reasonable Modifications and/or Accommodations
    • Prohibitions under the Fair Housing Act
    • Acceptable Practices in Leasing
    • Rejecting Applicants
    • Fair Housing Checklist for Corporate/Management
    • Fair Housing Checklist for Leasing

    Landlord and Tenant Seminar Topics Include:

    • Delinquent Rent Tenants
    • Judgment Absolute Tenants
    • Criminal Tenants
    • Holdover Tenants
    • Abandoning Tenants
    • Breaching Tenants
    • Section 8 Tenants
    • Handicapped Tenants
    • Tenants with Children
    • Protected Tenants
    • Military Tenants
    • Abused Tenants
    • Co-Tenants
    • Tenants With Pets
    • Bankrupt Tenants
    • Deceased Tenants
    • Subtenants
    • Guarantors

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4200 Parliament Place
Suite 100
Lanham, MD 20706

ph: 301-459-4200
fax: 301-459-4201